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Composites: the best kept secret in the industry

Bondstrand brings over 65 years of time-tested composite pipe experience to the Oil and Gas, Chemical and Industrial, Marine, Offshore and Fuel Handling markets. The broad range of temperatures, pressures and corrosion barriers allow us to best match a GRE product with your application.

But like all engineering materials they require specialized knowledge and experience to specify, design and install in order to guarantee optimum performance and enjoy all the advantages.


And that is where IDENTIC makes a difference. Together with our network of partners, we provide expert technical services and design consultancy for GRP composite structures and pipe systems. Experienced and skilled, our engineers provide sustainable and optimised solutions, solving the most complex of projects in a multimedia environment. Our engineering capabilities consistently develop to encompass broader technical services across a wide range of materials and applications, as required by clients, with the option to work directly within the clients own design offices (national or international).

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