High performance corrosion free GRE pipe systems for industrial applications

Innovative Piping Solutions

Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) piping systems

Performance, Reliability and Corrosion Resistance

IDENTIC delivers engineering services and GRE solutions to industrial applications in Scandinavian, and we’ve been doing this for more than 25 years. We are the Scandinavian distributor of NOV Fiber Glass Systems for industrial applications and work extensively with their range of leading GRE products, including Bondstrand™.

Our services include turnkey engineering and consultancy to support your projects, including project design and calculations, material specification, installation management and quality control. We also train and certify installation companies and stock the specialist tools used to install GRE piping systems.

GRE piping systems are the logical choice in challenging or corrosive environments, where the exceptional properties of GRE plastic piping systems surpass conventional steel systems. In addition, their fire-resistant characteristics make them ideal for installations in flammable environments or where extended operation when exposed to fire is required. All this in combination with a smaller carbon footprint.

Reducing total life costs

Industrial activities often take place in aggressive environments which quickly corrode most metal alloys. Historically, industrial sites have faced the challenge of costly maintenance and having to continuously replace metal piping due to severe corrosion. This results in the total life cost of the piping system far exceeding the original installation investment. By selecting a GRE piping system which has a much longer corrosion free service life, the total operational cost of the installation can be reduced dramatically.

Bondstrand™ the workhorse of GRE pipe systems

NOV produce a wide range of GRE piping systems and one of the most frequently used types is Bondstrand™. Being a filament wound epoxy composite pipe system, Bondstrand is highly corrosion resistant, both internally from aggressive media such as salt and waste waters, chemicals, residues and bacteria, and externally from all types of aggressive environments. It’s designed to operate in temperatures from -40° to +121°C and is the ideal alternative to expensive and heavy corrosion resistant alloys. Bondstrand is certified to ISO14692 and a wide range of marine standards.

GRE presents a greener choice

Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) piping systems challenge metallic piping systems in today’s eco-environment due to their lower energy requirements needed for manufacturing and the lower energy use throughout the pipes’ service life. In the face of “Climate Change”, the use of GRE piping systems, relative to carbon steel pipe, produces less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and thus makes it an attractive piping choice.